Crossfit Frankfort Reviews

  • Joshua W., Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    The gym was amazing! I showed up for Saturday open gym and was greeted like family. All the equipment was well taken care of and had the equipment I was looking for. Can't wait to go back!

    Joshua W.
  • Stephanie W. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    CrossFit Frankfort is by far the best community to grow in your fitness goals. Everyone at the gym is kind and encouraging and the coaches are knowledgeable and supportive! People of any fitness level can come and grow with the varied modifications that help stair step them for the higher level movements.

    Stephanie W.
  • Ally T. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    I was in town for a couple days for inservice and dropped in at this box. They were super nice and that Hill for a 400 was definitely a game changer, haha. However I enjoyed it and if I have to come back for training I will for sure visit again!! Thanks for everything!

    Ally T.
  • Diana F. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    CrossFit Frankfort has exceeded my hopes and expectations in every way. The owners and coaches are all fantastic, offering help and encouragement every step of the way. The other members are welcoming and make me feel like I belong. I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to try it!

    Diana F.
  • Marissa E. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    CrossFit Frankfort is by far the best fitness community I’ve ever been a part of. Coaches and members are friendly, supportive, and encouraging. The enthusiasm makes you want to come back. Can’t recommend this box enough!

    Marissa E.
  • Foster C. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    I had a great CrossFit experience during my stay in our capital city. Jason and Billie have an outstanding box filled with great equipment, motivated athletes, and lots of enthusiasm. Thanks for your hospitality...I'll be back! Please come visit us at CrossFit Serenity if you're ever in Hopkinsville!

    Foster C.
  • Dayna S. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    Excellent group of people to be around! The box is nice and full of positive energy!

    Dayna S.
  • Jeffrey S. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    Give it a try. You will like it. If you don't they will give you your old body back.

    Jeffrey S.
  • Thomas D. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    Great drop-ins this week! Thank you for welcoming me into your box. Will definitely return when back in the area.

    Thomas D.
  • Doug E. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    High quality, Christian based, former marines, no drama program - and they even have programs for kids! Highly recommend this Crossfire.

    Doug E.
  • Lauren P., Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    Thanks for so generously welcoming me to your box! As a visiting Veteran I felt very much at home and amongst great company!

    Lauren P.
  • Aaron M. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    Best gym in Frankfort, fun atmosphere, and totally worth the time and money!

    Aaron M.
  • Derick B. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    Working out of town did a drop in.Awesome people, great coaching, new equipment, thank you!!

    Derick B.
  • Jim M. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    I see people get more healthy and fit from you all!!! Great job!!!

    Jim M.
  • Aaron T. , Crossfit Frankfort Testimonials

    Great instructor. Perfect amount of equipment. Encouraging and low key atmosphere.

    Aaron T.

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