CrossFit Instructor

Coach Wyatt

A long time ago in a CrossFit Box far, far away (the old Frankfort location)…
Wyatt Jobe, a Young Padawan, began his training under CrossFit Masters Jason and Billie.
Soon after, Wyatt joined the Imperial Air Force in order to fight against the rebel alliance in
Afghanistan. However, the athleticism was strong in this one, and although there were few
CrossFit Gyms on the Death Star, Wyatt continued his training. Upon leaving the service,
Wyatt was stronger than he had ever been. Impressed by his accomplishments, Masters
Jason and Billie accepted Wyatt as a fellow, allowing him to help train the new order of
CrossFit Athletes. Along with his job as a Master-In-Training, Wyatt is currently studying
the arts of Paramedics and Firefighting, so that he may give back to the citizens of the
Galaxy and maintain the Peace. From the small farm planet of Versailles, Wyatt has
become a symbol of hope among his people…


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics



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