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To provide our clients with the most efficient and effective training possible.


To build a community of healthy, fit individuals who continually strive to improve to their fullest potential.


Our primary focus is on the proper performance of functional movement.  Functional movements are those that are essential to everyday, independent living; and, being able to perform these movements safely and efficiently leads to improved quality of life.  We believe that the best way to maximize the effectiveness of functional movement in fitness is through constant variety and intensity.  Our training is based on constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.  The focus of our training is always on technique, consistency, and intensity, in that order.  We do not focus on body image, and we do not isolate muscle groups.

We also believe that on the road to elite fitness, one cannot achieve peak performance without proper fuel for the body.   Functional movement is extremely important, but it will only get you so far without a proper diet.

We believe in hard work and commitment.  We also believe in having fun and building that sense of community and camaraderie that CrossFit builds with everyone working toward a common goal: fitness.  There are no short cuts.  There is no quick fix.  We help our clients develop their maximum potential and pursue their fitness goals by challenging them to constantly improve themselves, and in turn, their quality of life.


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