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I love my job! Coaching athletes of all levels and helping to make them better versions of themselves is just awesome. Make no mistake about it, it is each athlete’s drive and motivation that contributes to their individual success, but it is nice to be reminded that I am doing the right thing and doing my part in guiding them along their journeys. Yesterday was my reminder that I am in fact doing the right thing and contributing to our athletes’ success. Even more so, though, it was flat out awesome to watch our athletes perform and realize that they are on it! It’s always great to set a new PR (and we had 12 yesterday!), but you have to look at the bigger picture as well. We have athletes that have been with us for two years, athletes that have come back after a long break, recovering from injuries, recovering from a recent surgery, getting back in the saddle after having a baby, brand new athletes, as well as athletes that are still beginners when it comes to CrossFit. So what was so impressive? It’s the willingness of all of these athletes to get under a bar and push themselves, to get out of their comfort zones and do something that’s difficult. It’s the attention to detail with regard to the mechanics of their movements, their willingness to ask: “am I doing this correctly?” So, to our athletes, I’m so proud of your progress! You’re getting stronger, you’re getting better every day, you’re becoming better versions of you! Keep up the good work!

-Coach J

The Ultimate Hero

jesus-died-on-the-cross-for-our-sins-scripture-748CrossFit is known for its “Girls” and “Heroes.”  The Girls are usually simple in nature, yet will leave you feeling completely incompetent in a  matter of minutes.  The Hero WODs are named after a Hero who was killed in the line of duty, whether a military person, police or fire personnel, they sacrificed their life while trying to protect others.  So these WODs are usually designed after a typical workout they would do and are longer.  While we ‘suffer’ through the longer Hero WODs, we do so to honor the sacrifice and suffering of the Hero it was named after and others like him/her.  So I find it only fitting, as we approach the Easter season, for us to do the same.  This Easter at CrossFit Frankfort, we want to create a unique experience on Good Friday for those who would like to participate.  We want to honor the Ultimate Hero of Jesus Christ, who suffered immensely and gave his life in exchange for yours!

On Good Friday, April 3rd, we will do the “Jesus” WOD.  This isn’t a WOD to showcase your awesome athletic ability, but a time for spiritual reflection.  This is a time for you to attempt to understand a little of what Jesus went through that Friday 2000 years ago when he was brutally beaten and then forced to carry his own cross.  The details of the WOD are below.  You will notice that the majority of the WOD requires you to hold the barbell without dropping it.  The only time you are intended to drop the barbell are the three times listed at the end of the 3rd, 7th and 9th round, the same number as Jesus dropped the cross on his way to Golgatha.  This in no way is meant to capture the full amount of Jesus’ suffering or sacrifice, just for us to get a glimpse of the vastness of his love for us.

We understand that not everyone will want to participate in this WOD, at least the full WOD.  The morning classes will do an abbreviated WOD (AMRAP in 30 mins), but we are changing our schedule to accommodate those who would like to do the full WOD with our afternoon schedule.  We will run Easter WOD classes at 1300, 1500 and 1700 that day.  We are scheduling 2 hours for each heat so that you will have time to warm-up (both physically, mentally and spiritually), complete the WOD, and have time to recover, pray and reflect on your experience.  There will be a sign up sheet at the box for those who would like to participate in one of these three classes (each class will be limited to 9 participants due to the length and equipment needed).  Please keep in mind that you may scale the weights for this WOD (especially the TGUs) but this should be a very challenging WOD.

“Jesus” WOD

14 Rounds for time with a 95lb /65lb barbell

10 Deadlifts
10 Squat cleans
10 Push Press

50 ft of Walking Lunges with barbell on back. (We will do 25 alternating lunges)
Walk back to start point.
At no point does the barbell touch the ground until rounds 3, 7, and 9.

Round 3, 7, & 9 – 7 Turkish Get Up 53/35

Whether it is joining us for the Jesus WOD, spending the weekend with your church, or hunting Easter eggs with your family (all of which we will be doing), we wish our CrossFit Frankfort Family a very Happy Easter!

Not just for Competition! Do this EVERY DAY!

Competition, nothing, if you aren’t doing this everyday you’re not doing it right. I’m sure many of you have heard me go off on some of these points, and I could definitely rant all day about it… the point is this: practice like you’re going to play. If your practice is garbage, your performance will be also. There is nothing more telling of the way an athlete trains than his or her performance during competition. I do not buy the “amped up on adrenaline” BS. If you train the right way to begin with, you will perform well too. Strive for perfect mechanics every time. Your last rep should be just as good, if not better than your first. Don’t cheat yourself!

This is a great article from Tabata times about things you need to be conscious of when your competing:

Are your goals “SMART”?


It’s the New Year, time to act on those resolutions! What are your goals for 2015? Do you HAVE goals? You SHOULD! If you don’t already have a list of things you’d like to accomplish this year (and even if you do), let’s talk about good strategy when establishing your goal(s).

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Are you setting yourself up for success?

This Tabata Times article goes hand in hand with our first Coaches’ Corner post about results.  Take a few minutes out of your day and see if you’re doing the four things Julia says you need to in order to get better at CrossFit.  Remember, fitness is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint.  Yes, it will take time, but be sure you’re setting yourself up for success and not failure.

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