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These are stories from our members talking about the difference CrossFit Frankfort has made in their lives.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

IMG_2886I began CrossFit (again) three months ago after receiving a bad cholesterol report from my doctor. My total cholesterol was 330 and my triglycerides were 1,100. They had always been on the high side, but never like this. I was at a very high risk for a heart attack and stroke. I tried CrossFit Frankfort last year, but just didn’t think I had the time. Now, I realized if I don’t commit and make the time, I may be out of time! I knew CrossFit would get me into shape and help me lose the weight I needed to become healthy again.

IMG_3033-2After only three months, my cholesterol dropped to 154 and my triglycerides to 97. I’ve lost 22 lbs and 7 inches in my waist and feel better than I have in a long time. My goal is to lose 20 more pounds and get off the medications. Any exercise plan requires commitment, but a CrossFit workout is different every day, always challenging and definitely rewarding in the end! A big “Thank You” to Jason and Billie for their continued support and encouragement and pushing me to do my best!!



Sam beforeLife before CrossFit, it is hard to remember because of how much it has changed my life since it all began, but I’ll do my best. I played basketball from grade school into college. Looking back I can’t say there was a moment where I was truly “fit,” even though I was constantly in the gym. After I graduated college, working out became an after thought. It was something I needed to find time for, yet never did. Not finding time led to about a 35 pound weight gain on top of some weight I had already picked up during college. I knew I had to do something, because I was beginning to hate the way I looked and it was having an effect on my life. It had an effect on my self-esteem and what I did, and didn’t do on a daily basis. Christmas of 2012 I asked my parents for a few personal training sessions to hopefully get me on a healthier path. I began seeing a personal trainer twice a week and at first I enjoyed it, but even in the beginning twice a week is as far as it went. I didn’t do anything outside of that hour. Once I paid for another round I began hating it. I found excuses not to go and when I did go, I dreaded it. It was the same thing every time and it took forever!!! I needed a change, and needed it fast!

Sam frontMy fiancé, Wes, and I were eating with the Family at Logan’s Roadhouse in Frankfort and as we were leaving we saw a sign, “CrossFit Frankfort, NOW OPEN!” I immediately Googled it!  I had a brief experience with CrossFit several years ago and knew it is what I wanted to do, but there wasn’t a box anywhere close to me. After I found out some more info about CrossFit Frankfort I emailed Jason and Billie and asked them some questions, wondering when I could come in for my first WOD. I was so excited! All this happened in June of 2013, it has been roughly 10 months since I started and 10 months into my new life!

Sam SideIn the past 10 months I have made so many improvements. I have lost a handful of inches, a pant size, and about 15 pounds. All of this was my main priority 10 months ago, the number on the scale, how fat I was, how I compared to everyone on TV and in magazines. What matters to me now is that I competed in my first CrossFit competition within my first 4 months, I completed my first Open and I am in the top 50% worldwide, I am consistently Rx’ing workouts and making PR’s. My focus is not on how I look, but the journey that is getting me there. The WOD’s are only half of the battle, because nutrition plays a huge part, which I hate to confess.

Nutrition has always been a struggle for me. I would rather eat cake and ice cream 3 times a day than a healthy meal, but CrossFit has changed that. I have put myself through several nutrition challenges that have shown me the link between nutrition and my performance at the box. When I am faced with a nutritional choice between a healthy decision and a not so healthy decision, my concern is not how many calories it contains, what matters is how it is going to effect my workout the next day. This shift in importance has made eating healthier not a chore but a lifestyle.  It is still a daily challenge, but I can see improvements and as long as I keep making healthier choices, I will continue to make growth.

Sam BackImproving my health, losing weight, and getting stronger are all great, but the one thing that I truly love about CrossFit is that our box is a family. I look forward to going to the box everyday to see everyone to catch up on their lives and progress they have made. I know if I am having a down day and not feeling very motivated someone will be there to push me beyond what I thought was possible. It is more than just a place to workout, it is a community that supports one another and supports the journey we are all on, a journey we get to experience together, as a family.

Sam AfterLike I said in the beginning, it is hard to remember my life before CrossFit. It has been a life changer and I am excited to see where it takes me in the future. I have a list of goals written on the board at the box right now, but that is just a small piece of my long list I have in my head. I feel like there is no final goal I am trying to reach, instead my goal is a daily challenge. My goal is to get up and be better today than I was yesterday.  My goal is to push myself further than I ever thought possible. My goal is to be a better teammate and be a better me, and thanks to CrossFit Frankfort, it is all possible.



I have finally lost enough weight that I can once again wear my wedding rings.  Since the birth of our first child (4.5 years ago) I have been unable to wear my rings as my fingers were way too large (fat). It feels great to sport the rings again… next goal to wear the wrap with it.


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