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Coach Mike


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I grew up as a country boy in Florida, fishing, hunting, camping and other outdoor activities. I never played any organized sports, but was always active playing neighborhood yard ball and church ball. I joined the Marine Corps at 20 years of age in ‘84, where I served for 6 yrs, 4 yrs on active duty and 2 yrs as inactive. I was stationed in Panama, Central America, and Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, plus tours in Japan, the Philippines, and across the United States. After my tour of duty, I moved to Western Kentucky, where the hunting was really appealing. There I started my job in ‘92 with the Fire Department in Madisonville, KY, where I served for 23 1/2 years. I worked my way up through the ranks and retired as Battalion Chief (Major).

As a skinny runt of a 12 year old, I started working out at home with some store bought weights. Throughout my teenage years and my Marine Corps and firefighting careers I continued to “bro lift.”  A friend invited me to give Madisonville CrossFit a try. I thought I was in pretty good shape until I used only 65lb in my first WOD. Wow! Being in ‘bro’ shape doesn’t mean that you’re in ‘fit’ shape.

I joined immediately and have enjoyed and been passionate about CrossFit ever since. I realized that I really love helping people at the gym, so I decided to become a Level 1 CrossFit coach.  In addition to being a coach, personally I have progressed to the Masters’ Age Group Online Qualifier through the CrossFit Open for several years now, finishing 16th overall in the world for my age group during the Open this year, 2019.  One of my life goals is to compete at the CrossFit Games.

I am happily married to my best friend and workout partner, Jenn. She is my biggest supporter in this new goal of mine, and yes, we did meet at CrossFit.  I knew she was a keeper since she was kicking my butt in a lot of the WODs. We have 2 lovely daughters that are very athletic and hopefully one day will be hooked on CrossFit as well.  We have an older son that is in the Air Force, where he is holding down the hose as a firefighter. We are so proud of him as a young man and his accomplishments.

We love CrossFit Frankfort!  This box has a great atmosphere and family friendly environment.  The members here are so welcoming and just want to be fit in life.

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