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Step 1: Experience a CrossFit Workout!

If you are new to CrossFit or want to come check us out, we strongly encourage you to come participate in or just watch one of our training sessions.  Your first workout with us is always free.  There is no better way to experience a CrossFit workout than to jump in and go for it.  Email us at [email protected] to set up a time to do so.

Step 2: Choose which membership works for you and learn the basics in our Fundamentals Class.

While a single WOD will give you an idea of what CrossFit is all about, it is certainly not everything you need to know!  We require all new clients who are not experienced with CrossFit training and methodology to complete our Fundamentals Program, which will introduce you to CrossFit’s basic foundational movements as well as many of the exercises you will encounter during workouts.  Our Fundamentals Program consists of three, one on one or small group (2-3 people) training sessions with one of our Head Coaches.  The sessions are  designed to teach proper mechanics and technique to ensure that you are able to safely perform each exercise and progress you through the movements.

All new clients must complete our Fundamentals Class prior to participating in our regular classes, unless you are experienced with CrossFit.  Please email us to set up an appointment for your Fundamentals Class at [email protected].  If you have already been doing CrossFit at another box or even on your own, you can “test-in” to start training.  Just email Jason at [email protected] to set up your test-in appointment.

All levels of fitness/ability are welcome!

For further information or questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call 502-682-3960.

Follow this link to view our calendar of classes and other events.

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